Scaffold Safety Program Proves a Winner

6th September, 2020

Our industry-first scaffold compliance awareness and safety program is gaining momentum, and we’re receiving a strong uptake in training requests.

As one of the country’s leading scaffold companies, we developed the training program to try to reduce or eliminate work injuries as a result of ignorance and lack of understanding of scaffold compliance.

BASE Industries’ HSEQ Manager, Jordy Adshead, who has nearly two decades’ experience in the industry, is leading the training initiative which is gaining plaudits from many Tier 1 organisations and governing authorities who have engaged in the program.

“There was a growing interest from many of our clients for such training, and at the same time we were keen to play our part in contributing to a safer workplace, particularly where scaffolding was concerned,” Jordy said.

“There are too many injuries as a result of project owners not understanding their responsibilities, or being adequately educated to safely manage scaffold compliance once it has been handed over and deemed safe to use from the scaffold installation company. To address this, we developed a program that would increase safety awareness, but also arm participants with the broader knowledge to properly evaluate site requirements to safely plan, erect, maintain and finally dismantle a scaffold.”

Training is conducted once a month from the Newport Rail Facility in Melbourne, or alternatively, Jordy can attend a client’s worksite anywhere in Australia to undertake the training. Topics covered include the current state of scaffold safety; scaffold applications, types and designs; developing scope and design of scaffold, planning installation and safe use, support surfaces, safe work practices, scaffolded handover, inspections and maintenance; adjustments, identifying and addressing non-complaint scaffolds and dismantle and removal of scaffolds.

The Scaffold Compliance Awareness and Safety Program is ideal for a range of trades and professions including Health and Safety Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Scaffolders, other Trades as well as labourers.

For further information contact Jordy Adshead on 0409 171 772 or Jordy.adshead@baseindustries.com.au

Scaffold Safety Program Proves a Winner

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