The West Gate Bridge painting project is pivotal to maintaining the bridge and protecting the steel structure from the effects of sea water, wind and Melbourne’s weather after 40 years of exposure to the elements. The completion of the project will ensure the iconic Melbourne bridge will continue to hold up against the elements for years to come.

BASE Industries scope of works consisted of:

  • Construction of Platforms
  • Hoisting and securing platform to bridge
  • Traversing and lowering of platforms
  • Design and installation of Scaffold Accesses

Scaffold design and construction of LAYHER work platforms for painting works. Installation of intergraded scaffold monorail platforms to the underside of the iconic Westgate Bridge. Rigging and winching systems for the vertical and horizontal movement of work platforms. Heavy duty temporary structure steel fabrication and installation.

Access to Solutions

BASE Industries have implemented a schedule task continuous improvement programme that has continuously reduced key schedule task items, thus improving the overall project schedule. BASE Industries continue to effectively manage the onsite scaffold compound to ensure that any challenging access requirements that arise within the duration of the project can be addressed efficiently and as a result has eliminated any costly delays throughout the project for CPB Contractors.

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